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MC75AThe 3.5G MC75A, one of the world’s premium EDAs, offers more features and functionality, in a field-proven rugged form factor, than any other device in its class. The turbocharged MC75A addresses business critical mobility needs by maximizing processing power, rugged design, application flexibility, data capture capabilities, connectivity options, security and manageability — all in one device. Two options — 3.5G WWAN/WLAN and WLAN only — enable enterprises to standardize on a single EDA to support workers inside and outside the four walls. Add a field-proven ergonomic design that is easy-to-carry and easy to use,and you have maximum value in a minimum footprint — all at the right price. Features and Benefits.

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Resolution Type TitleDate ModifiedDate Created
Software DownloadsRhoMobile Suite v5.3.2Nov 2015Nov 2015
Software DownloadsEnterprise Browser v1.3.17.0Nov 2015Nov 2015
Software DownloadsBETA - OSUpdate Package Builder Utility - Version 2.06 - SPR 27064Nov 2015Oct 2015
Software DownloadsAppCenter (PPC / WM) v 2.0 Build 1176Sep 2015Sep 2015
Software DownloadsRhoMobile Suite v5.2.2Aug 2015Aug 2015
Software DownloadsEnterprise Browser v1.2.9.0Jul 2015Jul 2015
Product ManualsMC75A User GuideJul 2015Mar 2010
Product ManualsMC75A Regulatory GuideJun 2015Sep 2011
Product ManualsTRG7000 Trigger Handle Quick Reference GuideJun 2015Jan 2011
Product ManualsVCD7000 Vehicle Cradle Quick Reference GuideJun 2015Apr 2015
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Language TitleDate ModifiedDate Created
MultipleMC75A User GuideJul 2015Mar 2010
MultipleMC75A Regulatory GuideJun 2015Sep 2011
MultipleTRG7000 Trigger Handle Quick Reference GuideJun 2015Jan 2011
English (US)VCD7000 Vehicle Cradle Quick Reference GuideJun 2015Apr 2015
English (US)MC70/75 Finger Print Reader User GuideJun 2015Apr 2015
MultipleDCR7X00-200R GuideJun 2015Jun 2010
English (US)MC75A NFC FlyerJun 2015Apr 2015
MultipleMC75A Quick Start GuideJun 2015Jan 2010
MultipleSNCF Multi-function Charger User GuideMay 2015May 2015
English (US)MC75A-NI for UL Class I, II, III/Division 2 User GuideApr 2015Mar 2011
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TypeTitleDate ModifiedDate Created
Developer ToolRhoMobile Suite v5.3.2Nov 2015Nov 2015
Developer ToolEnterprise Browser v1.3.17.0Nov 2015Nov 2015
PatchBETA - OSUpdate Package Builder Utility - Version 2.06 - SPR 27064LockedNov 2015Oct 2015
UtilityAppCenter (PPC / WM) v 2.0 Build 1176Sep 2015Sep 2015
Developer ToolRhoMobile Suite v5.2.2Aug 2015Aug 2015
Developer ToolEnterprise Browser v1.2.9.0Jul 2015Jul 2015
PatchFusion for MC55/MC55A/MC75/MC75A/MC95/MC31/VC60/MC9190 Windows Mobile 6.5 products - SPR26331LockedJun 2015Apr 2015
Developer ToolRhoMobile Suite v5.1.1Jun 2015Jun 2015
DriverDocument Capture v2.0 for MPA2 Products | DRIVER | 2.0 | 2013-10-15LockedJun 2015Oct 2013
PatchBluetooth Explorer - This patch addresses following issues which are reported after Bluetooth Explorer – SPR 24719LockedMay 2015Dec 2013
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