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TEAM EWB100 Push-to-Talk over WLAN Enterprise Wireless BadgeThe TEAM badge (EWB100) brings a new level of portability and affordability to mobile voice, enabling easy deployment of basic PTT voice communications over the wireless LAN. A mere 1.6 oz/45.37g, the tiny wearable device enables enterprises to empower virtually any task worker with the ability to send, receive and privately respond to PTT broadcast calls. Interoperability with a range of Zebra mobile computers (equipped with TEAM Express), TEAM VoWLAN smartphones and two-way radios (through TEAM RLS) keeps task workers connected to their workgroup, supervisors and more, improving collaboration, task management and productivity.

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Resolution Type TitleDate ModifiedDate Created
Software DownloadsEWB100 Software Version 1319Mar 2016Mar 2016
Product ManualsCA1060, EWB100 Series Communications Appliance, Team Badge Customer Best Practices and RecommendationsJul 2015May 2015
Software DownloadsEWB100 Software Version 1313Jun 2015Jun 2015
Software DownloadsDeployment Application v1.0.10 for TEAM BADGE - EWB100May 2015May 2010
Software DownloadsUSB Drivers for use with EWB100May 2015May 2012
Software DownloadsEWB100 Software Version 1295May 2015Apr 2015
Product ManualsEWB 100 Usage and Deployment Guide Rev 1.16May 2015May 2015
Product ManualsVoice Feature Appliance Regulatory GuideApr 2015Apr 2015
Product ManualsRadio Link Solution (RLS) Radio Interface Unit (RIU) Regulatory GuideApr 2015Apr 2015
Product ManualsCA10 Product Regulatory , Safety, and RF Exposure GuideApr 2015Apr 2015
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TypeTitleDate ModifiedDate Created
FirmwareEWB100 Software Version 1319LockedMar 2016Mar 2016
FirmwareEWB100 Software Version 1313LockedJun 2015Jun 2015
UtilityDeployment Application v1.0.10 for TEAM BADGE - EWB100May 2015May 2010
DriverUSB Drivers for use with EWB100May 2015May 2012
Device SWEWB100 Software Version 1295LockedMay 2015Apr 2015
Device SWEWB100 Software Version 1276LockedJun 2014Jun 2014
N/AEWB100 Translated (Chinese) PromptsFeb 2014Feb 2014
TitleDate ModifiedDate Created
Does the EWB100 support 802.1x EAP?Jan 2014Jan 2014

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