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Your Benefits Resources (YBR) is your online resource to update or make changes to your healthcare benefits when you need to:

  • Report a life event, such as divorce, death, or other event that affects eligibility for you or a covered dependent
  • Access benefit resource materials and forms
  • Print a confirmation of your coverage

Go to Your Benefits Resources at www.yourbenefitsresources.com/mot-solutions

or contact the Motorola Solutions Employee Service Center at (800) 585-5100.


To find a provider, view your claims or obtain other benefit information:

Pre-65 Retirees




MetLife.com /mybenefits

Prescription Drug

Express Scripts

Vision Care


Post-65 Retirees

Medical   Medicare plans and HRA


(855) 535-7155


Questions on your eligibility?
Contact the Motorola Solutions Employee Service Center at (800) 585-5100

Pre-65 Retiree 2014 Changes Notice  (PDF)

2014 Contribution Rates (PDF)

2014 Pre-65 Retiree Benefits Book(PDF) for retirees and dependents who are not yet age 65

2014 Post-65 Retiree Benefits Book (PDF) for retirees and dependents who are age 65 and over



If you participate in the Retiree Health Advantage Plan or the Retiree Dental Plan, to receive the highest level of benefits, it is best to use a network provider. You can locate an Anthem BCBS, MetLife or VSP network provider near you on their websites or by contacting a representative at Employee Service Center at 1 (800) 585-5100.


If you are enrolled in the Retiree Health Advantage Plan, you have prescription drug coverage. Express Scripts (formerly Medco) is Motorola Solution's prescription drug administrator, and you must purchase your prescriptions from an Express Scripts pharmacy in order to receive coverage.

Refer to your U.S. Retiree Health and Welfare Benefits Book for details on how the Prescription Drug Program works for your coverage.


You're eligible to join a Motorola Solutions Wellness Center under the "retiree membership" if you meet the eligibility requirements for retiree health care benefits.

For more information email MDL800@motorolasolutions.com or call one of the locations below:


  • Schaumburg, IL (847) 576-2348
  • Plantation, FL (954) 723-3333



Medicare Part D - Contact the Employee Service Center at (800) 585-5100 to inquire about a Creditable Coverage notice